Money Transfer, Recharge & Utilities Portal, with Mobile Application

API technology is a renowned company, which is introducing its exceptional recharge software service. It's an exclusive solution for the recharge business with software that is completely equipped with all the latest requirements. We provide multiple Recharge Portal for the prepaid, post-paid, landline, mobile, DTH, bill payments, utility bill payment and data-card services.

We are offering B2B2B portal package for recharge system that gives a strong base for all those who wish to launch their recharge business online. Therefore, it is a platform that allows you to set up your own recharge company by integrating our recharge API. Get your own B2B2B recharge website and create distributors and retailers under you.

We have also developed white label money transfer portal in an expedient way to start your own brand portal. It is actually a software solution with an advanced features and applications. In order to expand your business, you can create distributor and retailers under you. Just integrate a money transfer white label portal for faster money transfer solution in a convenient way.

Why Choose Us?

  • We fulfil the mobile application requirements after understanding your business goals.
  • Our product and service is fine in quality and standards are high.
  • We make sure to deliver high performance and mobile phone app development at a throwaway price.
  • We have the infrastructure and skill to administer any Android and phone app development service.
  • Our mobile app specialist offers the latest technology so that clients can develop their businesses with the use of app to provide services.
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